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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF WOLF TIDE... 17 year-old ANABARA NOLIO is descended from a long line of warriors. From the Gull People on her father’s side she has the ability to fly, and from her highborn Galen mother she has access to the world of the privileged elite. She is a also a Private Investigator. When tasked with discovering the truth about the University library’s lost books she thinks it’s a simple case. But the city isle of LARIDY is riddled with dark secrets and ancient magic - a legacy from historic dealings with the Realm of the Fairy...

Thursday, 23 January 2014


People keep asking me when the sequel to Wolf Tide is coming out.  Have a heart!  I've only just published Volume 1.  I suppose the clever thing would be to write a whole series of books, and then release them one at a time at your leisure, while lying on your sofa re-watching TrueBlood DVDs and eating Turkish Delight, or something.  Unfortunately, that clever idea has only just occurred to me.  Instead, I now have to write Volume 2 while my readers shout Get on with it!  We want to know what happened to Paran!  

In fact, I've been working hard and planning book 2 for ages.  To the ignorant bystander that hard work always looks as though I'm simply staring out of windows daydreaming.  Sadly, this is what writers look like when they're working flat out: they look like daydreamers.  But the longer you daydream, the better your book will be.

In the end, though, you have to start writing stuff down.  And that's what I've been doing.  See?

These are just notes, written in a Moleskine notebook (which is what we writers use, so that we look like real writers).  Resting on the notebook is an ancient Fairy artefact, carved of rock ice and used to discern the weather in parallel universes.  OK, I just made that up.  That's how I write: I just make stuff up.  I have a sense of where the story might be heading, but I need to write it to find out.  I follow the line of words to see where it takes me.  Sometimes I end up in a cul de sac, and then I just cross stuff out and try again.  But usually it leads me to the right place, to the secret heart of the story I only half know about.

So far I've written two and a bit chapters of the sequel.  I can tell you it's called The Fifth Slave, and a bunch of Zaarzuks have just arrived on horseback.  I'll tell you more when I know more myself...


  1. EXCITING! Permission to stare out of the window for all you are worth.